Welcome to Florestral Eco coin

Welcome to The "

Flores" Eco-coin

We are excited to present to you our new project on the path of independence and human growth:

The community currency, better known as the “Flores”.

It is time for us to reclaim our energy and resources. The world’s economic system is corrupt and serves those in power by taking from the majority of the population. Furthermore, large companies are taking over the market, using manipulation to sell with only profit in mind, and manufacturing their products while abusing the earth and humans. That money flows back to the mega companies and away from our communities, which weakens our economic and creative power.

In this reality, more and more communities are establishing a semi independent economy where all that can be produced locally circulates within the community. 

Much like the ancient tribes, members change ‘Flores’ for goods and services, keeping the flow of energy and funds inside the community. This approach motivates innovations and skill growing, cultivating an environment where a community member can be active in more than one area (unlike the ‘normal’ economic system which pushes towards a very narrow profession areas). A big portion of our needs can be supplied with this system, giving us more freedom, less taxes, more time to innovate and enjoy life.

We welcome you to join our mission of freedom!