Welcome to Cyclos North American Barter Company

We are the new guys on the block but we know barter.

Cyclos North American Barter Company is the new entrant into barter market, however our founders and developers have been active in managing and working with some of the best known barter companies and franchises since late 1990's

We have seen it all and have learned few things in the process so to say, so we have decided to build a new barter company from scratch up. We are one of the first barter companies that have parted with third party SaaS barter platforms out there and implement our own platform using the Cyclos STRO software so we can definitely say that we march at the beat of our own drum (we are different and unique) to all other barter and trade platforms.

Second, we have been the victim of high trade fees, hidden membership fees, signup fees etc. that our competition is charging, so we have developed a system that charges lowest fees in the industry.

We hope we have demonstrated how we are different from other barter companies so we invite you to come and join us today. Have any questions or concerns just help, we are in it together so we will do whatever we can to help and make your experience as a member as best as possible.